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Hello to everyone – Happy New Year and welcome back!

We’ve kept busily working over the summer holidays and are so super excited to present to you our hire website!

After many attempts to integrate the hire site with our existing site (which just proved to be impossible), we developed this separate platform that allows for a tiered pricing model for our wholesale hire clients.

We are also offering (and believe that we are the first in the industry to offer this) a tiered fixed delivery charge which is based on your overall order value. Our delivery rates are actually capped – pretty amazing right?

We are so excited to have already been booked by some of Brisbane’s best wedding reception venues and Brisbane river wedding venues!

Please note whilst I can disclose what the wholesale levels are, your account will automatically increase your discount rates as your bookings start coming through.

Because we are offering some amazing prices (especially when you factor in the delivery rates), we have set the conditions for booking online as pay in full to confirm your event. There currently is no option to pay a deposit and then the balance as we have done in the past.

If you require this service, please send us an email directly to info@emporiumbride.com.au to create a manual booking. Please note however, all events made with less than 30 days to the event are due in full to confirm the booking.

Please follow the link below and enjoy!

As always your feedback is always super appreciated, so please let us know if you encounter any problems with the site. Please note – we are still adding products to the site.

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