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Top 5 Winter Wedding Trends to keep in mind when planning your big day

I know, I know – it’s hard to even remember what it’s like to be outside during winter after our scorching heat wave and drought right across Australia! Nevertheless, many brides getting married in winter this year are right in the thick of finessing over details for their upcoming nuptials!

To aid your memories, Emporium Bride has listed off our top 5 winter wedding trends that we’re seeing across the industry for the upcoming season.

Our first mini-hot tip, for anyone yet to pick their date – plan your wedding in Winter! Especially if you are planning to get married in Queensland! It really is the best time of year for Queensland! May to August see’s Queensland with it’s lowest rainfall percentages of the year coupled with super comfortable daytime tempretarues ranging from 21 – 27 degrees. There is nothing worse for the bridal party or their guests than sweating through 98% humidity and 35+ degree wedding days!

Not to mention that your flowers will look spectacular all day along with the best lighting in the afternoons! Ok, have we sold the winter wedding option enough for you?

Now on to our actual article…

Trend #1

Get your pooch on board

With the milder climate means we are able to get our dearly beloved, (even if they have four legs) on board without worrying about their ability to cope in the heat! The best thing us pooch lovers have seen in recent months is the amazing flower collars and dress ups some creative fur parents have come up with! Hire pet sitter to deliver and pick up (or a faithful friend!) your best mate so they can enjoy your ceremony and hopefully deliver your rings to you – flower collar and all! All together now…’Awwwww’!

Flower collar Australian wedding
flower collar brisbane wedding

Trend #2

Warm up with some smooth smooth velvet

Velvet’s in the airrrr with every sight and every sounddd!

Now that i’ve got that stuck in your head…. Velvet has transcended as most trends do, from the runway to the event design space with velvet options appearing at every opportunity. Adding touches of the fabric throughout your event is sure to warm things up! From adding pieces to the bridal bouquet, to napkins or even full tablecloths; the fabric gives this lovely warming feeling – not to mention is photographs beautifully!

We also love seeing the boys dressed up in Velvet dinner jackets – they just look oh so handsome!

No I did not write this entire article just to leave a smouldering photo of Ryan Gosling for us to gaze…I mean look at for inspiration….

Trend #3

Contrasting tablescapes

You know I think I’m in the right industry – I have this weird obsession with looking at tablescapes all day long! Good news is we have quite the range when it comes to tableware so we can just play all the time and we totally loved coming up with this look below!

I think it works perfectly for a winter wedding – let me list-off what products we used. I can’t believe just how many different items we stacked in this look and to my amazement – it totally worked! Now you have to bear with me as I’m no pro photographer and I don’t think the photos do it justice!

In this look we used (we’ve linked what is available for sale but it’s all available for hire for Brisbane/Gold Coast Weddings):

Navy Chameleon Round Tablecloth

Rose gold flora glass charger plate

Manhattan white and gold crockery set

Matte blue side plate

White and Silver Contemporary Cutlery Set

Champagne Napkin

Blue Glass Tumbler

Contemporary Crystal Wine Glass

Trend #4

Bye-bye blush – Hello jewel!

Jewel tones are in baby! We love that brides are so brave to bring in more jewel tones for their winter weddings! All white and gold or silver is beautiful and super traditional however I don’t think you can ever achieve the same emotional connection and power as you can with jewel tones seen during our winter season!

The colours get pulled across so many different elements in the design process (just like velvet does) from stationery to make up, florals to tables and even to details like the favours! Below are some of our favourite finds to get your creativity flowing!

Trend #5

Say it with cake

Say, ‘I Love You’ with the sweetest treat possible – a perfectly themed wedding cake! What better way to keep your guests happy then to share the love with some deliciously sweet to the pallet and seriously beautiful to the eye!

We’ve shared some of our fav cakes and sweet treats below for one of our favourite catering vendors in South East Queensland – Sugarize Events.

Check out some of their work below!

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